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Roblox Anime Warriors Redeem Codes (November 2022)

Want more Gems to summon characters? Here’s a list of all active Roblox Anime Warriors redeem codes and rewards.
Roblox Anime Warriors Redeem Codes (November 2022)

If you are searching for Roblox Anime Warriors Codes, you are in the right place!

Anime Warriors is a popular Roblox crossover game you will love to play if you enjoy adventure anime like One Piece, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, and Demon Slayer. Roblox Anime Warriors is essentially a battler-brawler game with Adventure Modes to help you collect more Gems or Yen. 

While you can take on the role of your favorite anime character and demonstrate your superiority against characters like Monkey D. Luffy and Dio Brando in Roblox Anime Warriors, you’ll need a ton of Gems to summon these characters. This guide will detail all the active redeem codes for Anime Warriors in Roblox. 

Update on 17 November:  We checked for updates and found that there were no further changes to the contents of this article.

List Of Roblox Anime Warriors Redeem Codes

roblox anime warrior redeem codes
Roblox Anime Warriors includes an assortment of playable characters from your favorite animes. (Picture: Roblox)

Roblox Anime Warriors uses Gems as a form of in-game currency that can be used to summon characters. You can find a list of all active Anime Warriors redeem codes and the free rewards they unlock in the section below.

Working Codes

Expired Codes 

  • ULTIMATES400KGEMS - 400 Gems (Option 1)

  • ULTIMATES400KMATS - 40 Materials (Option 2) 

  • BOOM350K - 350 Gems 

  • Incredible10k - Free Boost 

  • CRAFTINGSHERE - 150 Gems

  • RELEASE - 150 Gems

  • TWITTERWENTCRAZY150K - 250 Crystals 

  • 5kL1kes - 30 minutes 2x Yen Boost

  • 2022RELEASE - 150 Crystals 

  • Twenty5kLikes - 150 Crystals 

  • WOAHFiftyKLikes - 150 Crystals 

  • SeventyFiveK - 100 Crystals 

  • OPENTEST - 300 Crystals 

  • 125KTHUMBSUP - 200 Crystals 

  • THANKS4100KLIKES - 150 Crystals 

  • UPDATE1MH - 300 Crystals 

How To Claim Roblox Anime Warriors Free Rewards

roblox anime warrior how to claim free rewards
You will need a Twitter account to redeem your Anime Warriors Roblox codes. (Picture: Roblox)

If you don’t know how to claim these free rewards, don’t worry. All you need to do is follow the easy steps detailed below to claim your Roblox Anime Warriors free rewards: 

  • First, you need to follow Roblox Anime Warriors on Twitter.

  • Next, launch Roblox Anime Warriors on your preferred device.

  • Press the “Codes” icon located on the right side of your home screen.

  • Insert your Twitter Username, and click "Verify username." 

  • Insert one of the active Roblox Anime Warriors codes listed in the section above to receive free rewards. 

And that concludes our guide on all the working Roblox Anime Warriors redeem codes.  

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