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Diablo Immortal Destruction's End Guide - Location, Level Required, Set Items and More

Here's how to clear the Destruction's End dungeon in Diablo Immortal, including its location, required levels, and Set Items you will receive.
Diablo Immortal Destruction's End Guide - Location, Level Required, Set Items and More

While some dungeons in Diablo Immortal feature new demons and enemies to face, Destruction's End sees the return of Baal, a better-known enemy in the Diablo Immortal Franchise. If you plan on taking on this dungeon and facing this boss again, this guide is for you. 

We will be covering everything you need to know to clear the Destructions End dungeon in Diablo immortal, covering the location, level requirements, and Set Items you will gain when clearing it. 

Destruction's End Location and Required Level in Diablo Immortal

To locate this dungeon, players need to venture into the Library of Zultan Kulle. You can find the entrance to the dungeon in the center of the library on the top floor; gaining access to it requires players to be at least Level 35. 

Diablo Immortal Destruction's End Guide Location Level Required Set Items And More location Library of Zultan Kulle
The entrance to the Destruction's End dungeon is inside the Library of Zultan Kulle. (Picture: maxroll.gg)

Destruction's End is a unique dungeon in that it will have you venture into a memory of the past by being teleported to Horadrim, where you need to lend your assistance to Zoltun Kulle and Tal Rasha. Here you will relive the binding of the Lord of Destruction, Baal. 

How to clear Destruction's End in Diablo Immortal

To clear Destruction's End in Diablo Immortal, you must take on the Fire Walls on the two levels of the dungeon and then beat Baal. Note that defeating this dungeon boss can be tricky, so we recommend the following approach when battling him on each level. 

How to beat Baal on Level 1

To defeat Baal on the first level, you need to escort Zoltun Kulle to the Fire Walls, so he can remove them and allow you to access the boss. Doing this involves removing three Fire Walls and should be easy, so long as you keep an eye on Zultan and defeat the monsters before they can reach and hurt him.

Diablo Immortal Destruction's End Guide how to beat baal boss
To defeat Baal, you must complete an escort mission before killing him. (Picture: YouTube / Jason Plays Games)

Now that you're up against Baal, a few things require your attention. The first is his orange shockwave that deals damage over a short area. While fighting him, you should move away from Baal and head in any direction he isn't facing to avoid it. 

His second attack is a barrage of fireballs that he will launch into the sky and fall to the ground. To avoid them, move out of the marked areas where they fall or stand directly underneath Baal. 

Once Baal's health is depleted sufficiently, Zoltun and Tal Rasha will attempt to capture and seal him, but he breaks free. This forces you to chase after him and begins on the second floor of the dungeon. 

How to beat Baal on Level 2

Similar to the first level, you must escort Zoltun to the Fire Walls so that he can remove them. This time there are four Fire Walls, and if you can clear the enemy mobs so Zoltun can clear the third one in under 3 minutes, you can gain a special reward for doing so. 

Diablo Immortal Destruction's End Guide fight against Baal
The second fight against Baal is a more intense and fast-paced version of the first encounter. (Picture: YouTube / Jason Plays Games)

You will also face an Overseer before being able to clear the last Fire Wall, so keep an eye on Zoltun while you defeat the Overseer and the enemy mobs. After doing so, you can clear the final Fire Wall and face Baal for the last time. 

Here, it would be best to destroy the Festering Appendages in the arena before you can target and attack Baal as a forcefield surrounds him. After doing so, his forcefield will be destroyed, leaving him vulnerable to attacks. However, be careful, as the forcefield explodes when dissipating, causing knockback to all players, so try getting underneath him immediately when this happens. 

During this second fight, all of Baal's attacks will be faster and hit harder. This includes his orange shockwave, which travels faster, and his fireballs, which now move outward after hitting the ground. So try your best to avoid them or move under Baal when he attacks. 

Midway through the fight, Baal will summon another force field and protect himself. Then, like before, destroy the Festering Appendages to make him vulnerable and avoid the explosion effect of the force field dissipating. 

Diablo Immortal Destruction's End Guide Location Level Required Set Items And More final battle and sealing Baal away
After finally defeating Baal, he will be sealed away, granting the player the Set Items for the dungeon. (Picture: YouTube / Jason Plays Games)

Continue chipping away at Baal's health and avoid his attacks whenever possible until he is defeated. You will gain an additional second bonus chest if you beat this second floor in under three minutes. 

Destruction's End Set Items in Diablo Immortal

Once Baal is defeated and the dungeon is cleared, you will receive a number of Set Items. These will scale depending on the Hell difficulty you are playing on, so the Higher the difficulty, the higher the chances of certain items dropping. 

We've listed all the Set Item rewards that drop when defeating Baal and Clearing the Destruction's End dungeon. 

  • The Gaoler (waist) – Hell+1

  • Shepherd and Leader (boots) – Hell+1

  • Awakener’s Urge (amulet) – Hell+2

  • Slit Throat (amulet) – Hell+2

  • Resting Fangs of Shal’baas (ring) – Hell+2

  • Mounteback’s Misdirection (ring) – Hell+2

  • Shepherd and Beastmaster (glove) – Hell+2

  • Shephard and Architect (amulet) – Hell+2

And that concludes our guide on Destruction's End in Diablo Immortal.

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