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Deadrop Release Date, News, Leaks, Gameplay & More

If you want to know when Dr. Disrespects Deadrop releases, you have come to the right place.
Deadrop Release Date, News, Leaks, Gameplay & More

Dr. Disrespect is one of the most well-known gaming streamers on the internet. He is infamous for his character and his gameplay. Now he is attempting to jump into the gaming sphere by creating a video game by creating a studio named Midnight Society.

The game that Midnight society is developing is known as DEADROP. It is what they claim to be the first-ever vertical extraction shooter (VES). So when does the game release, and what can we expect from this game developed in partnership with Dr. Disrespect?

Update on 16 November 2022 - This article was updated and checked for the latest 'Deaddrop' news and leaks.

What Is The DEADROP Release Date?

Midnight Society DEADROP
DEADROP takes place in the future after the "climate wars" has concluded. (Picture: Midnight Society)

Technically speaking, players can try out the game now. The game is available to those who have claimed the Founders Pass for the game to test out. There are only 10,000 founder pass holders for DEADROP.

The only way that other players can play DEADROP at the moment is if a current founder decides to sell their Founders Pass on an open market like OpenSea. This is because the Founders Pass gives players access to unique call signs and VisorCortex to sell or trade in an NFT market.

As for now, the game is in the very early building stages right now. Some test maps are not even fully textured out for players. So there is no final release date for the game available at the moment. When this changes, we will update this page accordingly.

Latest DEADROP Leaks & News

Even with early visual concepts, it is clear that DEADROP will have cyber-punk aesthetics as one of its main themes. (Picture: Midnight Society)

Because of how early in development the game is in, there are no major leaks to look at right now. As the development of the game continues, we will see more official releases from Midnight Society and, hopefully, more unofficial leaks as well. When we see more leaks, we will update this page accordingly.

One thing to look out for is who else will join Midnight Society as developers. The game is being developed by major developers like Quinn Delhoyo, who helped develop Halo: Infinite. Robert Bowling also joins the studio, who was a creative lead of Call of Duty. It is definitely worth keeping an eye on who else will join Midnight Society to help develop the game because it will give us a good idea of the direction of the game.

Dr. Disrespect Shows DEADROP Gameplay

As the one heading the project, Dr. Disrespect has given us a sneak peek of the gameplay featured in DEADROP.  Here is a video of Dr. Disrespect playing DEADROP:

The main thing that we know right now is that the plan is to make DEADROP a PvP vertical extraction game. The extraction point is higher than what you would experience in a game like Escape from Tarkov, but the basics of the game seem to be similar. Players can also stay to attempt to be the last man standing to gain massive rewards from the game. So there are two different ways to play the game: escape and survive or take the rest of the remaining players out to receive even more loot at the end.


This can now be played out for founders in what is called the Proving Ground. Although still early in development, founders can get a taste of how DEADROP will play in the future. There are minimum spec requirements for the demo, though. Here are the minimum specs you need to play DEADROP right now:

  • Windows 10
  • 4.2 GHz i7-7700k
  • 32 GB RAM
  • 20 GB available
  • HDD space
  • NVIDIA GTX 1080

On top of being able to actively play against players, there are also multiple gun ranges that will allow you to get a better feel for the game. The main concept that Midnight Society wants players to walk away with is the verticality of the game. Players will almost always have to look out for enemies above them.

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Featured image courtesy of Midnight Society.